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Energy-saving of large industrial washing machine

First, soak for 15 minutes before washing. To be placed in large industrial washing machine to wash clothes, cleaning solution soak for about 15 minutes, full of stains on the clothes to resolve, so that not only can guarantee the cleanliness of the clothes, but also reduce the running time of industrial washing machines and, therefore, power consumption can be reduced a lot;

Second, the classification for cleaning clothes. Different colors, different thickness of clothing be washed separately. In General, thinner clothing only takes ten minutes to completely wash and heavier clothes washing takes relatively long, separate, so that not only can guarantee the effect of washing clothes, and reduces the operating time of large industrial washing machine.

Third, the reasonable use of large industrial washing machine laundry procedures. In the laundry, you can first draining in washing, clothing and dehydration, which can come when you rinse, reducing the running time of the washing machine, and to cut down on water consumption;

Finally, adjust the washing time. In General, wash clothes and clothing of stains and detergent washing capacity, not washing the longer the better, reasonable regulation of large industrial laundry washing time, don't let power go to waste;

Finally, rational water use. When washing clothes, add water in moderation, too much water, it would increase the pressure, thus increasing the burden of large industrial washing machine motor, increased electricity consumption, but if the water and too little leads to clothing from top to bottom turn, extended running time of the washing machine, power consumption will also increase.