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Industrial laundry maintenance and precautions for use

Industrial washing machine is a very wide range of applications, can be used in homes, hotels, hotels, factories, schools, hospitals and other areas, very useful. Washing machine we all know, its workflow is the same, and are made up of water and laundry, drainage, dewatering process consisting of four, and then use the dryer drying, irons ironing it. But as a hospital or laboratory lab coat made of pure cotton, the clothes they wear to pass sterilization and industrial washing machines may be specialized in many hospitals to install disinfection function.

Large industrial washing machine how to maintain it? In fact, this is a very noteworthy topic, often dozens of factories, many laundry rarely pay attention to maintenance, lack of maintenance of industrial laundry machines are very easily broken, such as dirt, pump blockage, loud, turning slowly when, in many cases because there is no nice cause. Maintenance should follow a principle of industrial washing machines, if you are doing a laundry, you need to clean up button collectors clutter if completed three laundry, clean up the Cilia collecting, especially in the hotel industry washing machine or hotel industry washing machine used to pay attention to the collection of the hotel we all know tablecloths, clothes are dirty, so the time to clean up. Every day before using the pneumatic device to check, if the oil level is not sufficient to add lubricants, to be taken to discharge their water to avoid entering the magnetic valve leads to damage.

Meanwhile every time machine adds the right amount of lubricating oil, so that the joint activities. When in use, to check the working pressure of industrial washing machines, if the pressure could be a blocked filter, cleaning up after the pressure reducing valve to reduce the pump's outlet pressure can be adjusted, which is to ensure that the washing machine safe operation and extended life. There is also a point to note is that the distillation tank cleaning, distillation me every once in a while clean up from time to time, major is see if there is dirt or debris, such as, if you do not clean up will affect the distillation results in a timely manner, for some more stringent sterilization lab coat is important.

In using industrial washing machine Shi, we to strictly according to operation to operation, in using zhiqian must to check about washing machine inside whether has debris, whether has damaged,, if is has appeared problem to timely identified problem zhihou in using, need added lubricants of place are to added good, in using of when to observation industrial washing machine of run State, if has appeared not normal of situation to stop running, so as not to aggravated equipment damage. As long as the correct use and maintenance of the washing machine, can make washing machine run better, more life-prolonging