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Industrial washing machine common fault and performance

In the process of industrial washing machines, there may be some glitches, common types of faults and performance are as follows:

If, in industrial washing machine produces intense vibrations during operation, the motor may not be fixed well or is the drive of the device is stuck, if these two conditions are not, then most likely was caused by the bottom bolt loose;

Second, if you smoke large industrial washing machines in operation, possibly because the stator windings caused by the short circuit;

Third, when industrial connections when there are traces of burning of the washing machine, possibly because the windings burned or conductor connection caused by bad contact;

Four, when the industrial washing machine motor temperature anomaly occurs, either the air vent plug, frequent starting, overload, stator winding inter-turn short circuit or three-phase current unbalance caused by reasons of;

Five large industrial washing machine motor, heavy sound, possibly because the core loosening, the air gap between rotor and stator asymmetrical or motor three-phase current imbalance caused by factors such as;

Six, if the industry out of unpleasant smell in the washing machine while it is running, user needs to immediately pull out the power supply is done check, if there is a foul smell of paint, it might be because in an industrial washing machine motor caused by high temperature, appear if charred taste, it is because the stator windings burned or burned insulation maintenance network and other reasons.

In the large industrial washing machines, environment as dry as possible, ensure that placed flat-a flat, this can extend the life of industrial washing machines, and can avoid some of the fault. When a fault occurs, don't panic, unplug the power, formerly known as identified on those feelings.