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Large industrial washing machine of green washing new concept

For large industrial laundry industry, "green washing" into a new concept of washing. At present, the industry waste water and noise pollution in recent years attracted people's attention. Some metropolitan areas have begun to ban the use of open dry cleaning machines. Some large industrial washing machine industry started to offer environmentally-friendly car wash equipment, so what is the "green washing"?

Judging from the detergent, some say that the PCE is the best detergent, there are no more solvent can replace it, also expressed that tetrachloroethylene harmful, in addition, the news media to green wash flyer varies, confused concept.

According to the large industrial washing machine experts, relating to the concept of environmental protection, green washing was originally from the United States started in the United States attaches to the environmental requirements, relevant emission standards higher, way back in the 80 's has introduced this idea of washing. But China's detergent industry relatively slow development.

Large industrial washing machine objects people now, on the concept of green washing, beginning with user defined, ecological products, processing of the three disciplines. User ecology refers to products are harmful to users ' health, has no side effects; product ecology refers to the process of the formation and use of pollution ecology refers to the product after use, waste is recycled into the ecosystem. Integrated content of these three areas, green cleaning standard.