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Large laundry washing machine guarantees health six suggestions

1, in the use of the washing machine when washing clothes, washing clothes in his pocket all things need to be taken out, so that we can effectively avoid the laundry wall was damaged. In order to prevent sediment damage to washer oil seal on clothing, putting clothes into the washing machine before, you should have water.

2, when the washing machine is in use, avoid excessive washing clothes, during the washing process, especially when washing with water, try not to move the washing machine to avoid causing unnecessary damage because of the vibration of the motor.

3, when the washing machine's external or internal fouling occurs when alkaline detergent, gasoline cannot be used to wipe, is best way to clean after the cleaning is completed, touch washing machine cleaning agent soft rag to wipe, scrubbed clean, best not to immediately shut the door of the washing machine, and its internal and external moisture to dry completely before closing.

4, in order to ensure efficient laundry washing machine, should timing gears lubricated for a washing machine.

5, in order to extend the life of washing machines should be regular maintenance work.

6, where to place the washing machine is also very good, generally speaking, the washing machine will be placed in the laundry room or near the water, because prolonged contact with water, placed by the environment to avoid damp, if the washing machine into this humid environment for a long time, not only will accelerate the strain rate of the washing machine, and can easily be contaminated, affects the cleanliness of washing clothes. Therefore, the washing machine should be placed in dry places health is the right choice.