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Methods for industrial washing machines live longer

At present, industrial washing machines are widely used in hotels, mills, schools, and other areas of need to wash a lot of clothes, fighting for the use of industrial washing machines, can not only improve the quality of washing, you can also extend the life, then how to use it correctly? Below with small series and see it!

(1) laundry room design. Laundry room design is reasonable, tend to affect the life of the industrial washing machine. Because washing process requires the use of a large number of water and laundry room to avoid damp and gloomy, deposited in the washing machine for a long time, inevitably, parts rusting, reduced service life. Reasonable laundry design ventilation system must be installed, in order to ensure ventilation and laundry drying. In addition, the clean laundry on a regular basis to ensure internal cleaning necessary.

(2) the right to use it. Ensure smooth industrial washing machines are placed in the ground, which can reduce vibration washing according to washing machines using the step, in the course of using, if laundry facilities are found an exception, such as vibrations are too strong, local temperature rise when, the need for timely inspection of professional repair.

(3) to examine the washing machine on a regular basis, it is as if people need regular medical examinations, so that we can plan ahead and avoid failure when it was discovered that, in order to prevent, improve the efficiency of industrial washing machines, extending its useful life.