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Principle of wash clothes washing machines for industrial use

Industrial washing machines to wash any laundry, the answer is Yes. We can study the industrial washing processes and understanding how laundry can be understood. Washing process can be thought of as in water, detergents and mechanical strength, completed by a combination of factors such as temperature. Dirt on clothing, which is secreted from the body's waste and environmental pollution. By their nature, can be divided into solid particles, grease and many substances dissolve in water. These activities in General is not attached to the clothing fabric, and often each other into a complex, also in the microorganism under the influence of external conditions into more complex compounds that stick to clothes fabric. Particle-solid dirt scattered on the surface of fabric, some into the small holes in the fabric, which is referred to as a mechanical attachment.

In addition, we know that little mass gravity between, the formation of chemical bonds between molecules and chemical bonding. In short, dirt from clothes and fabric between the various combination of washing process is to break the combination of reduced and weakened adhesion between them and appeal, making it from each other.

Detergent molecule has a high surface activity, it can be easily adsorbed on the hydrophobic end of the dirt surface and quickly seep into dirt, fiber molecules adsorbed on the fabric on the top of the fibers in the air, fiber and dirt by washing liquid wetting, penetration, expansion weakened the attraction between molecules of dirt and fibers. Molecules adsorbed on the fiber and dirt particles to form a single layer of fabric, hydrophilic water and hydrophobic stretch of dirt, with impeller agitation of washing machines for industrial or drum rolls, dirt removal fabric fibers.

Small industrial laundry with a washing machine structure imitated artificial hands rubbing up the truth, but as the industrial washing machine entered the stage of technological innovation, has undergone tremendous change in the works, industrial washing machine components such as the impeller or agitator, drum continuous with the pros as intermittent rotary motion, churning the detergent, and constantly stir and tumble clothing. Clothing with the movement of water tossed. Interspersed in the clothes and water movement. So between the clothes and the clothes, clothes and water between between clothes and laundry drum wall, clothing and machinery constantly relative friction between the surface of the rotating parts, rub. Repeat the procedure above will achieve the goal of industrial washing machines instead of manual washing.