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The changing course of industrial washing machines

First is a simple drum-type washing machine. Simple washing with forward and reverse control functions, generally simple functions such as heating, water, drainage, but it had to rely on manual add the laundry detergent, no clothing, dehydration, and rinsing is not complete, increasing the number of rinsing, is not conducive to water saving, low efficiency and labour, but also vulnerable to human influence.

Second is a card-controlled drum-type washing machine. Card-control drum washing machine with washing, dewatering functions, its control system is procedures cards and card controllers, it is able to achieve the level of position, add detergent, washing, dewatering and drainage procedures, such as automatic control, but heating functionality needs to be controlled.

Third semi-automatic washing machine drum. Semi-automatic type of drum-type washing machine drum can realize the function of forward and reverse, as well as orientation of the water level and add water, drainage, washing, heating automatic control. But the heating need to set, and there is no function of dehydration.

Fourth, automatic washing machines. Automatic drum washing machine more than three washing machines with advanced functions. Automatic drum washing machines can be fully automated or human manual, some functions can also be either. Automatic drum washing machines will have seven function buttons on the Panel: start/stop, automatic/manual, delay, speed, mode, increasing and decreasing; manual keys typically have eight: washing, water, detergent and heating, off, off, high, and features such as jog.