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Analysis Of The Development Of Industrial Laundry Equipment
Aug 24, 2016

Civil society development today, laundry has become an indispensable household work in people's daily lives. Since ancient times, people are relying on physical use of river and streams, Blackjack, feet to walk shake or in the garden with his hands rub, washboard rub rub, brush brush, and other ways to wash clothes. Development of industrial laundry equipment are things during the past century, it is as the emerging manufacturing industries of the rise and development of the power industry and developing.

Since the 1867 world's first birth of industrial laundry equipment, signs to replace washing clothes by hand. To 20th century early, variety of washing equipment have appeared, but these washing equipment of washing way almost are is drag type of, clothing of washing effect poor, later experience has mixing type, and drum type, and wave round type to now of intelligent type washing equipment, its washing effect began increasingly good, and promoted has washing equipment industrial from big development stage steering perfect performance, and increased varieties and enhanced their competitiveness capacity of new stage. In recent years, the industrial laundry equipment market flourishing, innovation, makes all kinds of new water, multifunction, large capacity industrial cleaning equipment come out in succession.

With the advancement of age, like hospitals, hotels, schools and some other industries gradually increases the amount of clothes to wash, hand wash or small field washing washing efficiency as if he does not meet the relevant requirements, for which large industrial laundry equipment, there is a good solution to this problem. Now, there is also more rapid development of industrial laundry equipment market, a wide variety of industrial laundry equipment on the market, when we choose, you can choose according to your actual needs.