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Application And Development Trend Of World Large Laundry Equipment
Aug 24, 2016

Due to the differences in various parts of the world climate and lifestyle, for large laundry equipment requirements are significantly different. For example, United States and North America habits using of industrial washing machine for mixing type of, this washing machine automation degree high, function complete, washing capacity big; and as Western Europe national favored of industrial washing machine is drum type of, this style of washing machine washing program combination of, and environmental energy-saving, and built-in heater, function more; and for some Eastern Europe national for, spray flow type large laundry equipment because wash net rate high, and price low and structure simple, many advantage became primary of selected.

So far as the Asian region, is the most ideal equipment for laundry drum and wave-wheel type, both in the wash, energy-saving, washing habits are in line with the Asian people's habits, most commonly used in China are both models of industrial washing machines. At present. Large laundry equipment market more stable, unlike the small household washing machines, large laundry equipment mainly for areas needing washed a lot of clothes, such as hospitals, hotels, schools, factories, professional laundry and so on.

Although different regional and national demand for large laundry equipment there are differences, but throughout the development trends of laundry equipment, its main energy-saving, miniaturization, combination, diversified, large-capacity and high degree of automation and other directions. To do this, wash areas of future work will be more and more machines and intelligent, this will greatly reduce unnecessary human and material resource inputs.