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Automatic Dryer Features Three Leading Markets
Aug 24, 2016

As technology continues to progress, now cloth-drying is no longer just rely on changes in the weather, fully automatic baking machine appear, make clothes drying easier, faster and more efficient. Nowadays, a wide variety of automatic dryers on the market, but overall has the following three characteristics:

The new computer-wide automatic dryer fuzzy control technology, it is able to control the humidity and temperature in the dryer, could also detect cycles, smart drying clothes;

Second, new fully automatic baking machine imported digital temperature and humidity sensor, so that you can accurately monitor the drying process of clothing, record changes state;

Three, a new kind of automatic drying machines use humidity, temperature and control technology, is able to control the cloth-drying temperatures, also help the buge after processing;

Currently there are many types of dryers on the market, we can select the range is very wide, but exactly which type of automatic drying machine for which kinds of materials? On this issue, I believe many people have blind spots. NET editor below to tell you briefly about how to choose their own use of the dryer.

Current automatic drying machine types have a lot, when we choose, you should first understand what the characteristics of the material to be dried, such as drying material drying curve, moisture, texture and so on, so that choice can be adapted to local conditions.