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Automatic Industrial Washing Machine Improve The Safety Of Use
Jun 01, 2017

1, automatic industrial washing machine using the whole computer LCD man-machine dialogue interface, the Chinese display large screen, there are 30 different washing procedures to choose from, to meet any washing requirements, the full realization of washing, bleaching, elimination and other processes of automation.

2, the use of floating vibration structure, coupled with a spring damping system, ultra-low vibration.

3, can be safely placed on any floor, no need to do the foundation.

4, the use of imported frequency conversion system, easy speed, start smooth low noise, energy saving effect is obvious, the transmission structure is simple and reliable.

5, automatic industrial washing machine fully enclosed drainage frame structure design, reduce pollution, keep the workplace dry and clean. Inside and outside the tube are stainless steel. Increased service life.

6, the use of stainless steel refining doors, pneumatic safety devices, greatly improving the use of security.

7, automatic industrial washing machine than semi-automatic industrial washing machine more advanced, more humane.

How do we maintain idle industrial washing machine?

First, some hotel laundry equipment, and hotel laundry equipment are complete sets of purchase, but there may be a stage, or a period of time, some of the equipment is long idle, but each kind of laundry equipment is a cost, so Do not ignore, in the idle period of maintenance, then how to maintain the idle automatic industrial washing machine? We use long-term industrial washing machine as an example, to explain.

Second, the first place is placed, industrial washing machine must be placed in the room dry, ventilated, ground flat place, can not be placed in the open air, sun exposure or direct, away from heat (such as heating, stove, etc.), placed industrial washing machine , To find ways to pad the fuselage, to prevent the water or other substances by the corrosion. And then for the treatment before the placement, we must remove the water, keep the body inside and outside the clean and clean; will need to lubricate the place, the appropriate addition of lubricants, so as not to use aging; long time to store regularly to start trial , To prevent rust or moisture parts, but also to avoid re-use, the sudden failure and rush. Do not be afraid of trouble or tedious, only the heart to do every thing in order to achieve the final success.

Third, Tips: industrial washing machine noise is too large reasons.

1, industrial washing machine installation is uneven, the belt is too tight.

2, the motor bearing or drive shaft serious wear or broken.

3, wave wheel deformation and the bottom of the barrel to produce friction, a part of the solid parts loose, the transmission shaft on the seal too tight.

4, balance the boom to lose balance, should be replaced or adjust the spring.