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Development Of New Type Laundry Equipment Performance Trends
Aug 24, 2016

Is the selection of laundry equipment manufacturing in the first place. At present, regular laundry equipment suppliers of materials must be chosen selected green universal design, which not only does not increase the cost of equipment used in the production and design costs, but also meet the needs of different models of function, improving the quality of washing equipment. From another point of view-on energy saving and environmental protection, compared to the traditional laundry equipment and materials, new materials not only reduces costs, and deployment of both water and electricity consumption, to a certain extent, reducing energy consumption.

In addition, new laundry equipment in the water also has been further improved. Clothing to be washed by water absorption is different, and in the process of dehydration is "taking off" waste of the water seems a pity. Bearing this in mind, new filter was added to laundry equipment, being "from" down the filtered water can be reused (a Visual cleanliness of water) which not only cost savings, and laundry equipment is more complete.

Washing procedure more scientific. In order to meet the different clothing, washing, laundry equipment at design time to consider a variety of clothes washing, designed the various wash functions available, not only to the greatest extent, improve the quality of washing clothes, but also to reduce unnecessary water waste.