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How To Control The Water Level Of Industrial Washing Machine
Jun 26, 2017

In the use of industrial washing machine, we have to take into account the different aspects, so as to ensure that when used more smoothly, to reduce the occurrence of failure, for example, we have to accurately control its water level, Let's see how we want to control its water level. We are in the process of washing, according to which material to determine the way of cleaning and water level, different materials, its water absorption is not the same, because for the The water level control is not the same.Finally, we have to determine the actual cleaning effect, if you need a more thorough cleaning, this will ensure that the relatively low water level, the only way to be better to clean, Can achieve better results.Third, in the low water level, and its mechanical force also has a great relationship, we must ensure that can not exceed the maximum water level line, this will bring a great impact on the equipment, and even lead to Direct strike, businessmen think that we want to avoid such a situation.

For industrial washing machine, its performance is very good, it is not the same as ordinary household washing machine, today Xiaobian to help you science about the relevant knowledge, the first point, friends know why the enterprise will choose industry Washing machine, mainly because the staff is more business, unlike the home only three or four people, so the usual washing machine workload is relatively large, if the ordinary washing machine is not able to complete so many tasks, industrial washing machine is not The second, the staff through the work clothes above the body will be secreted by the oil, if it is food business, the workers at work is bound to stick to some vegetable oil and Animal grease, then the use of industrial washing machine will be able to wash all the stains on the clothes all clean.Third, usually the industrial washing machine which are used in the industrial laundry solvent, so the washing machine water is not much, will not all Fiber fabric submerged.Because the clothes are not all the same fabric, so after the contact with the water after the change will be different, but the industrial washing machine You can keep them as they are.

Decontamination effect is how we buy industrial washing machine, the focus of attention and attention. Industrial washing machine can be divided into two kinds of washing machine and dry cleaning machine, different types of cleaning methods are different.We use the washing machine in the family, are Belong to the type of washing machine, in the dry cleaners used in the equipment, are dry cleaning type. Remove the advantages of oil, for industrial washing machine is very intuitive. The main advantage of washing technology is to effectively remove the oil on the clothes dirt, Our clothes can not always avoid all kinds of good pollutants, all kinds of pollutants contain a lot of oil.With the washing machine we do not have to worry about cleaning is not clean in the clean stains at the same time, whether the damage to clothing, but also We focus on the attention of industrial washing machine in the cleaning at the same time, the protection of clothing in contrast to the traditional equipment, there are significant upgrades and improvements in the future if there is demand, and regular dealers, purchase performance and quality Protection, excellent industrial washing machine, to ensure that the greatest degree of cleaning can help us.