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How To Save Industrial Washing Machine Washing Time?

Nov 01, 2017

For the painter is the most troublesome problem is the paint accidentally touched the work clothes.

Paint in case of air and dry, hardened and oxidized, while hard work these stains is difficult to be cleaned. Newly stained clothing and stained paint stains shelved for a long time without cleaning how to deal with it separately?

We can put the new paint on the clothes into the industrial washing machine, add hot water, with the appropriate banana water, rosin dissolved, washed for 20 minutes.

If it is a long time without cleaning the paint stains stains can be used with glycerin plus banana water, rosin dissolved, and finally add gasoline and detergent dissolved, plus washing powder washing, and finally into the industrial washing machine for cleaning.

In the mechanical workshop, everywhere is rust stains, mechanical oil stains, workers will inevitably be infected with these stains. These stains are washed with an industrial washing machine in the equipment.

First, iron stains, if the use of industrial washing machine cleaning, then first in the laundry equipment by adding 50% aqueous solution of oxalic acid scrub, the water temperature is generally controlled at about 40 degrees. Cleaning 15 minutes can be dehydrated, dehydration after the use of dryer like.

The mechanical oil is not well cleaned. This type of grease generally recommended first local treatment, first with dry cleaning, anhydrous ethanol, gasoline wipe look, and then wash with super soap, wash it can be placed after the industrial washing machine cleaning.

Grasp the industrial washing machine washing time will grasp the cost. How to save industrial washing machine washing time?

The first is the industrial washing machine in the water, we must choose a low water level, low water level will help reduce the waste of water resources. In the washing time is about 10 minutes or so.

Followed by the time off, industrial washing machine in the time not too long, 3 minutes or so, and then directly on the 5 minutes off, so that the grass on the dry.

Finally, rinse, drift clean selection of high water level, washing 2 minutes can be high off, the other time and the same washing process. The whole washing process was 45 minutes.