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Inverter Control Of Industrial Washing Machine
Jun 26, 2017

Industrial washing machine in the washing and dehydration when the speed difference is large, the general use of variable pole motor or several standard motor, the use of clutch switching operation. As the load inertia is large, in order to obtain a larger starting torque, the need to use high-speed differential motor, the deceleration is the need for additional braking device. If the inverter control, you can use a motor from low to high speed wide range of speed control, while the drive smaller, control performance is improved. The use of inverter control, based on clothing and detergent and other conditions, can be arbitrarily controlled washing, rinsing and balance the speed of the laundry barrels to improve the speed of the barrel when the dehydration, shorten the cycle time; due to the use of electrical braking, A short period of time from the high-speed dehydration to a stop state.

According to the cleaning, dehydration and other required speed to prepare several motor, the use of clutch to switch the use of motor. The dewatering operation is shared by high-speed dewatering and medium-speed dewatering two motors, or the use of variable-pole motors, so the transmission is more complex, requiring clutches, pulleys and brake valves. The use of frequency converter can effectively solve the above problems. Using a motor can be high-speed, medium speed, and vulgar operation, even including the brake running, the transmission is simple. After the end of dehydration, the inverter can be decelerated with an external brake device, so that the regenerative energy of the motor is converted into heat energy, and the deceleration can be completed in a short time.

One of the industrial washing machine is: wash - dehydration - cleaning - dehydration - dry. Among them, the cleaning and cleaning process by the frequent positive and reverse operation, dehydration for high-speed rotation, drying for long time low speed operation. In the dehydration before the need to spread evenly in the barrel of clothing, that is, the balance process.

Industrial washing machine with frequency converter speed, the drag device requires only one motor and the tub connected to simplify the mechanical part, you can use the standard motor; the use of ultra-high-speed dehydration can effectively shorten the dehydration time; washing and dehydration speed can be operated Disk arbitrarily decided to improve the operating performance; due to the elimination of the brake, clutch and other serious wear and tear parts, so the system maintenance workload is small.

In the system design and application process, it should be noted: ① the use of standard motor for ultra-high-speed dehydration, there may be insufficient motor torque caused by stall situation, it must take full account of the mechanical properties of the motor; ② motor high-speed operation increased vibration, There may be a resonance with the laundry barrel, it should avoid the resonance point.