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Large Industrial Washing Machine Suddenly One-way Operation Is How The Matter
Jul 17, 2017

Large washing machine is the industrial washing machine, for large washing, such as: hotels, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, coal mines, leisure bath, large washing machine is water, washing, drainage, dehydration and other processes, There are two kinds of washing machines: First, semi-automatic industrial washing machine, the other is a fully automatic dual-use machine.

A few days ago, a customer consultation industrial washing machine only one direction of operation, do not know why. So in the end what causes the industrial washing machine to rotate in one direction? How to rule out this failure?

First of all, control the motor bi-directional operation is the forward and reverse controller, its principle is power, the forward run for 25 seconds, stop 5 seconds, and then reverse operation for 25 seconds, and then stop for 5 seconds to complete a cycle. Then press this cycle cycle action. Then first check the positive and negative controller is not bad, with a multimeter to check whether there is no 220 volt power supply to it, if there is any positive and negative controller is broken, the industrial washing machine for a positive direction controller can be.

Second, if the positive and negative controller is not bad, then check the control of the motor AC contactor is not bad, with a multimeter to check the contactor coil there is no 220 volts, if there is then the AC contactor is broken, to the washing machine for an exchange Contactor can be.