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Proper Use Of Large Laundry Equipment To Ensure The Quality Of Clothes Washing
Aug 24, 2016

Proper use of large laundry equipment is an important prerequisite for ensuring the quality of laundry, but with a large laundry equipment in a lot of ways, how do you use is the right? And small series here we need to know about it!

(1) select the right detergent. Types of detergent on the market many, to wash clothes for each kind of detergent types are different, types of decontamination, taboo, to that end, our selection of detergent when needed according to different clothing textures, dirt type item to select the appropriate detergent and washing taboo;

(2) do the sorting work. Working with large washing equipment before washing, first clothing texture, similar to dirt type should be picking out, verify that there are no other circumstances placed in the washing equipment for cleaning of debris, in addition, new and old work clothes should be sorted, generally speaking, used clothes there may be damage to the case, the washing time and differences with the new clothes on the washing;

(3) timing check large laundry equipment has no exception, in clothing collection and conveying of process in the, to note two times pollution situation of occurred; also, in for washing of process in the, to into amount of clothing, prevent too much clothing occurred winding and effect clothing wash NET degrees; in clothing washing task end Hou, check large laundry equipment in the whether has residues real, some words to timely cleanup clean.

(4) investment and water, the water temperature should be fit. Cast of water and the water temperature is also an important factor to wash large laundry equipment, therefore, when we were washing according to the washing water and dirt level, select the appropriate investment and water temperature, to ensure the quality of clothes washing.