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​The Difference Between Mine Dryer And Industrial Tumble Dryer
Jun 13, 2017

Dryer because of the different drying materials, which is also divided into mining dryers and Industrial Tumble Dryer, then the mine dryer and Industrial Tumble Dryer What is the difference between it? Henan Ruiguang Machinery Group from the use, structure, and working principle for you to analyze the difference between them.

1, Uses: Mine Dryer Mine dryer is mainly used for iron ore, titanium, quartz sand and other minerals and other humidity or particle size of the material drying. , In particular, drying slag is suitable for granular, massive materials, can also be used for part of the material mixed with dry sticky paste material or high water content of the material.

Industrial Tumble Dryer is widely used in food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other industries, mainly for its raw materials drying.

2, the structure: Mine dryer structure in the Yang device system made a variety of technological innovation, the use of a new multi-modular Yang device, to overcome the traditional dryer 'wind tunnel' phenomenon, high thermal efficiency, Coal consumption by about 20%. Applicable to a variety of combustion furnace use: high temperature boiling furnace, pulverized coal mill and artificial coal furnace. The size of the transmission gears can be used to replace the traditional cast steel gears, cost savings, and greatly reduce the maintenance costs and time. Mine dryer on the adaptability of materials, mining dryer has the advantage of large production capacity, wide application, flow resistance is small, the operation allows a wide range of fluctuations, easy to operate and so on.

Industrial Tumble Dryer is characterized by: Industrial Tumble Dryer machine cabinet structure, contact with the grass part of the production of high quality stainless steel plate, smooth and smooth, without damage to linen; safe and reliable, the door is equipped with electrical interlocking activities switch, as long as Door to open, the machine will stop running; transmission system by the two V-type tape to the spindle, smooth operation, no impatient tone, durable.