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The Type Of Industrial Tumble Dryer And The Working Principle

Oct 23, 2017

Microwave Industrial Tumble Dryer

Japan has developed efficient dryers, using microwave radiation to dry clothes. Drying is most important to use a microwave oven to evaporate the water, but the final drying is done by convection heating, arc problems to avoid the metal parts in the laundry. There are many advantages: shortening the drying time (25% or less), [1] saving energy (17-25%), drying temperature is low. Can be developed for the US market before the microwave dryer, you must clearly solve the problem of arc and fabric damage.

Condensation Industrial Tumble Dryer

Just as in a normal dryer, the condenser or the condensate dryer hot air passes through the load. Instead, the air is used instead of exhausting the dryer using a heat exchanger to cool the air and water vapor to condense into a drain or collection tank. Again through the running of the dry air. Heat exchangers usually use ambient air as a coolant, so the heat generated by the dryer will enter the front, rather than outside the environment, improve the indoor temperature. In some designs, use cold water in the heat exchanger to eliminate this heating, but need to increase water use.

Heat pump Industrial Tumble Dryer

A closed circulating heat pump dryer, using a heat pump to dehumidify the air during the process. This dryer usually uses less than half the energy of each of the condenser dryers. The condensers are cooled by the air around the passive heat exchanger, which uses heat pumps. Tumbler hot, humid air, through the hot pump cold end drain or collection tank and hot end condensed into water vapor, reheat the air before use. This way not only avoids the need for the dryer pipe, but also saves the dryer, to the surrounding environment, not exhausted, it's hot. Therefore, the heat pump dryer can use less than half, or condensation or the energy needed by the traditional machine.

Industrial Tumble Dryer has advanced structure, beautiful appearance neat, easy to operate, etc., drying efficiency and energy efficiency indicators also have certain advantages, the machine can use steam heating or electric heating, etc., good compatibility.

1, Industrial Tumble Dryer need to regularly clean dust dust cover, to ensure good ventilation.

2, Industrial Tumble Dryer heater must always clean the hair to prevent clogging, affecting the air flow and thus affect the drying effect.

3, Industrial Tumble Dryer according to the health should be slow to slow down to prevent damage.

4, Industrial Tumble Dryer import and export duct should not be too long, should not be too small, should be installed more than the outlet duct, and the elbow can not be more than 2, to prevent poor ventilation.

5, Industrial Tumble Dryer bearings must always be filled with butter.

6, Industrial Tumble Dryer fan should not be reversed.