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The Working Principle And Control Requirements Of Industrial Washing Machine
Jul 17, 2017

First, the industrial washing machine water intake and drainage by the inlet solenoid valve and drain solenoid valve control. Wash the positive transmission, reversal by the washing motor drive plate is reversed, to achieve. Dehydration by the dehydration clutch to close, drain solenoid valve pull, washing motor is rotating to dry. Water level exceeds the upper and lower limits when the alarm. Industrial washing machine in the structure of the main pulsator and drum type two, wave wheel type industrial washing machine features:

1, the flow: the pulley-type automatic industrial washing machine there has been a new form of water.

2, the program controller: the new wave of automatic industrial washing machines are used single-chip program controller, the original mechanical program controller has basically been eliminated. Various manufacturers of various types of pulsed automatic industrial washing machine control procedures are different. Such as the fuzzy control of the industrial washing machine, the microcontroller through the collection of water level sensor, cloth sensor, light sensor signal and the motor speed to determine the texture of clothing, how much, the degree of stolen goods, and thus automatically adjust the clothes for reasonable washing.

3, stainless steel barrel: pulsed industrial washing machine with a stainless steel barrel, reduce clothing and barrel wall friction, thereby reducing the wear and tear of clothing.

4, concentric wash: concentric washing is directly to the motor shaft and the barrel barrel concentric installation, direct drive. So that washing and dehydration when the barrel to reduce vibration, reduce noise.

Second, the variable frequency pulley-type industrial washing machine can be different texture of the clothes automatically choose a different motor speed, so as to different textiles to the appropriate washing strength, while ensuring a clean wash at the same time, but also to minimize the wear and tear of clothing. But also in the dehydration of drying, from slow to fast start, so that clothing in the barrel evenly distributed, dehydration effect is good, and because the clothes evenly distributed in the laundry around the barrel, the barrel of the center of gravity falls on the axis, you can Reduce vibration, reduce noise, but the price is more expensive.

Third, the pulsed automatic industrial washing machine are usually used to wash (dehydrated) barrels in the barrel filled with coiled barrel barrel structure, the structure is by the washing, dehydration system, into the drainage system, motor and transmission system , The electrical control system and the support mechanism 5. Supporting institutions are mainly box, boom and console components, which in addition to the installation and connection of industrial washing machine parts, but also has the role of vibration and protection, decoration. Drainage and Water System The pulley-type self-industrial washing machine's inlet and outlet systems are controlled by solenoid valves. Fourth, in order to check the water level inside the barrel and control, industrial washing machines are equipped with water level controller (water level switch). The most water level switch is air pressure switch, mainly composed of air pressure sensor device, control device and electrical contact switch 3 parts, used to monitor the level of water level. In addition the solenoid valve into the water and drainage solenoid valve, water solenoid valve is the industrial washing machine on the automatic water switch, which is controlled by the water level switch off contact. The drainage solenoid valve is a fully automatic industrial washing machine on the automatic drainage device, but also from the clutch to change the working state. 5, water, drainage solenoid valve is the use of current through the coil to form the principle of magnetic field, industrial washing machine solenoid valve in the use of drainage, 220V AC voltage and solenoid valve coil connected to form a magnetic field, electromagnetic coil. Automatically open the rubber valve, industrial washing machine in the water flow along the pipeline. After the power failure, the solenoid valve coil to lose the current, the magnetic field disappears, the solenoid release, the rubber valve automatically shut down, the industrial washing machine water can not flow out of the program controller stored in a variety of procedures, once selected by switch After the program, the program controller will automatically follow the procedures for the implementation of the motor, water and drainage solenoid valve control.