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Washing Equipment Integrated Introduction
Aug 24, 2016

Washing method is nothing more than dry cleaning and washing, washing is washing methods passed down since ancient times. Water, as the name suggests is to make water and detergent mixture to clean stains on the clothes. Although the traditional way of hand-washing has been in use, but time-consuming, thus discarded requires significant washing industry. Progress of science and technology, promoting the development of professional washing equipment, which have brought good news for the laundry industry.

Nowadays, washing equipment is widely used, such as hospitals, the military, schools, factories, hotels and other industries are washing equipment services areas. Washable, looks easy to everyone, but that's not the case. Now wash consists of two aspects. Small home washing and professional washing. General family washing for clothes, bedding, and so on, but professional washing is much more complex, because professional washing and dry cleaning, we have included all the laundry, now on the market 80% 's business is done through the wash. Because of this, professional water industry needs with the help of washing equipment, to ensure the quality of laundry, improve washing efficiency.

Different from General residential washing machines, professional wash washing equipment operator needs to acquire a certain amount of business knowledge, including usage of washing equipment, functional control, maintenance and repair, fabric fibers, physical and chemical reactions, characteristic and application of detergents, stain removal methods, etc. To this end, the seemingly simple washing work essentially needed is a lot of content at our disposal, we should seek further information prior to use.