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Washing Machine Manufacturer War Prologue Has Been Removed
Aug 24, 2016

Market economy develops, the washing machine manufacturer, the greater the demand, the more urgent. Depreciation, depreciation will be history of science and technology talent, as it will be a scramble for talent war. Hungary the Nepszabadsag reported: the civil war in China are engaged in a scramble for talent.

Compared to China's total population and the number of personnel, lack of talent, especially the lack of professional and technical personnel. Join the competition in the international market, is talented person's competition to some extent. There is a story, washing machinery and equipment manufacturers a huge motor is out of order. Company to a specialist, the experts took only small hammer, that look, that knock, culminating in a chalked circle, said the problem lies in this bad a few electric, take a look and sure enough, the experts asked for 50,000 yuan. Washing machine manufacturer said the boss, you just drew a circle in the motor, how value of 50,000 yuan. Experts say this worthless, but need to know where the painting is worth it. Boss thought that if a worthless repaired in a day or two, affecting production of the injury would be 50,000 yuan several times, so willing to pay 50,000 yuan.