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Washing Machinery And Equipment Development And Transformation
Aug 24, 2016

Washing machinery and equipment through the ordinary, semi-automatic, fully automatic form development process. In accordance with the washing, rinsing and dehydration of the three functions, common to hand convert three functions, semi-automatic type for any two functions for automatic conversion, automatic type conversion automatically for all three functions. Divided according to structure and plain double barrel, double barrel single barrel spray and double-barrel automatic semi-automatic spray, barrel, automatic drum-type washing machines.

Washing machine devices are toward high grade, new, versatile and energy saving of water flow direction. High-grade mainly reflected on automatic. Mechanical equipment controller has been washed by spring, electric, motor-driven programs to electronic control. This makes washing machines not only in appearance, long life, and arranging for a variety of programs to make it function and greatly increased the scope. The so-called "new water" is by changing the impeller makes clothes not wound, not injury. "Old flow" main is Vortex volume type wave round; "new flow" has Butterfly shaped big wave round, and Palm shaped high waves round, mixing Rod type wave round, and turned barrels type and the w type, and mountain type new flow and so on; new produced of washing mechanical equipment through used sensor, technology, makes washing method diversification, as has "manual wash", "fast wash", and "night wash", and heating drying and so on, while makes fuselage vibration noise greatly reduced, and province Shi, province water, province electric. Another feature is washing machinery and equipment capacity increases.