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Washing Machinery And Equipment Related Issues
Aug 24, 2016

Laundry washing machine is the most important piece of equipment that can help companies save a lot of manpower costs, liked by many companies. What about washing machine which is the device a bit? Shanghai NET washing of small series to analyze it.

Frequency conversion technology: washing machine with energy saving, low noise characteristics, a large part is due to reasons of frequency conversion technology. Speed is not constant, it will adjust with the weight of clothing, effectively reducing the vibration of equipment at work, lower the decibels. Current frequency conversion technology is still evolving, the latest washing machines in terms of energy efficiency and noise are better than the old product.

Mute technology: most washing machines rely on optimization of inner tube design, design, design factors to improve the sound technology. One of the most common is to optimize the shock absorption technology, the latest suspension damping mechanism can be the widest range of noise reduction, as well as guarantees that the original performance.

Cleaning problem: washing machinery and equipment in use after more than half a year is about to start cleaning the internal, it will be very easy to breed mold. We can use a disinfectant or use of high temperature sterilization, if the result is bad need some professional staff to clean the equipment.

Down jacket issue: down jacket when dry, the air inside cannot be ruled out, accumulated to a certain extent will burst open, very dangerous. Moisture content is very high and wet down, the weight of the clothes will be great, easy to make drum cocked, and also damage to the equipment. If you are using a washing machine to wash down jacket, must make it clear that, in accordance with the requirements to operate.