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What Are The Barriers To Industrial Tumble Dryer Removal Systems?

Nov 01, 2017

In the use of Industrial Tumble Dryer process, soot for drying work have a certain impact, so each Industrial Tumble Dryer production lines must be equipped with a unique dust removal equipment, especially Industrial Tumble Dryer, there will be supporting the dust removal equipment , Although the Industrial Tumble Dryer dust is a technical problem, but we still have to face the problems encountered in the dust removal process, efforts to overcome the Industrial Tumble Dryer exhaust dust, not only to protect the environment, reduce labor intensity, but also improved Taiwan production, reducing the cost of sewage charges, the recovery of dust is a good raw material for cement production, there are significant economic, social and environmental benefits.

Want to know this before we need to know what is the main obstacle to the impact of Industrial Tumble Dryer dust removal system, Industrial Tumble Dryer has a high concentration of dust, exhaust air volume, dew point, water, easy to condensation, high point , A wide range of pollution is characterized by the difficulty of dust removal technology. For these focus, targeted, in order to better improve the dust effect. Summary of the following points dust removal method, hope to benefit you.

First, the bag filter: bag dust is one of the most commonly used dust removal method, dust removal rate can be as high as 99% or more, it is more than 0.1μm particle size dust dust ideal way. Bag filter collection of similar products at home and abroad advanced advantages, combined with our patented environmental protection technology, making the dust efficiency and operational reliability greatly improved, the filter bag life extension of nearly 1 times, while the operator's labor intensity also By the lower, and thus become the best choice for environmental protection.

Second, the Industrial Tumble Dryer cyclone dust: cyclone separator with dust removal effect, equipment investment, low cost, low energy consumption, to meet the requirements of most areas of environmental protection. Particularly applicable to the particle size of 5-10μm above the dust collection, dust collection efficiency of more than 70%, can also be used as a pre-dust and other dust removal equipment.

Third, the cyclone dust and other dust combined with the way: the use of cyclone dust collector, bag dust, water film dust and other ways to jointly dust removal, dust removal effect greatly improved. Not only improve the efficiency of dust removal, but also to the waste material attached to the material can be recycled, is the best way to improve the performance of dust removal.