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What Are The Full Automatic Industrial Washing Machine
Jun 01, 2017

Full Automatic Industrial Washing Machine construction and working principle as an example: Full Automatic Industrial Washing Machine mainly by the shell, the rack panel, the spindle drum, drive, shock, front door, feeding, brake, drain valve, vibration, control, Pneumatic systems and other components. The following describes the four aspects: the shell, the inner roller parts.

1, shell part

Full Automatic Industrial Washing Machine shell parts refers to the storage of washing liquid and support the bearing, the inner roller and all the transmission parts of the washing machine shell, generally open the external panel can be seen. The housing is usually suspended or supported on the outer frame. Shell parts generally by the shell cylinder, before (after) wall panels, bearing seat bracket, sink and other components.

The function of the housing part is to store the washing liquid, supporting the inner drum spindle part, the transmission part and the door part, and is the main part of the washing machine. Generally require the shell to have sufficient strength and stiffness, while corrosion resistance.

2, the spindle, the inner roller parts

The main shaft is the main part of the running part of the washing machine, and the inner cylinder is the cylinder containing the washing clothes. There are many round holes in the cylinder, with several V-shaped bars on the inner wall for lifting the clothes during the inner drum washing operation. In addition, the strength of the inner drum can be increased. The two ends of the cylinder are welded to the front and rear end plates, and the round hole is placed on the front end plate, and the whole inner cylinder is made of high quality stainless steel. In the inner drum on the rear plate is equipped with a spindle, the inner cylinder and the spindle into a cantilever connection. The spindle is equipped with two rolling bearings, through the corresponding positioning structure and equipment to complete the positioning of the bearing on the spindle. The bearing is mounted in the bearing housing and the bearing housing is fixed to the housing housing bracket. In order to maintain good sealing, a sealed structure is provided between the housing and the main shaft, which has a variety of structures and forms. On the spindle is also equipped with brake wheel and pulley.

Full Automatic Industrial Washing Machine spindle, the inner roller part is a very important part, the inner drum is not only a clothing "basket", but also through the transmission system operation, to provide the necessary mechanical force of laundry.

3, rack, panel components

(1) The frame is made of high quality carbon steel profiles, and the strength and rigidity are very good. It is mainly used to install buffer parts, hydraulic dampers and suspension shells so that they are in suspension. In addition, it is also used for panel positioning.

(2) panel is generally divided into front panel, side panels, rear panel, along the rack around the positioning.

4, vibration system

The damping system is connected between the housing and the rack so that the entire housing and all the components mounted on the housing are suspended and lifted by a number of "spring shock absorbers and hydraulic damping buffers" , The end of the shock absorber is equipped with a joint bearing, one end of the joint bearing and rack connection, and the other to participate in the shell connection. Hydraulic damping buffer through the two ends of the ring and the shell were set up the connection point and the connection between the rack _ When the machine is in operation, the dynamic load causes the shell to produce a greater vibration. At this time, the spring absorber absorbs the large amount of energy it generates, and only has a slight influence on the external frame. The hydraulic damping buffer does not bear The static load of the machine body is limited, but the vibration amplitude is obviously limited by the action of the damper damping device when the relative movement of the load at both ends of the spring shock absorber occurs, that is, when the vibration load is generated, Hydraulic damping buffer composed of the shock absorber has a good vibration effect.This vibration device also has a simple structure, long life, easy maintenance, replacement, The main body of the machine is stable and so on.The design of a reasonable vibration system should have a good vibration and vibration absorption effect, so that the vibration of the machine as little as possible to the ground to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment, spring shock absorber hydraulic damping Device.