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  • Laundry Steam Garment Form Finisher

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    Laundry Steam Garment Form Finisher

    LJ Laundry Steam Garment Form Finisher is designed for ironing coats, suits, shirts upper; The ironing machine is full automatic control, and the user can adjust waistline or shoulder length according to the actual need. Popular equipement in laundry center and dry clean center. Read More

  • Clothes Packing Machine

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    Clothes Packing Machine

    LJ Laundry Clothes Packing Machine is designed for packing clothings, to to keep dust and dirty away; Adjustable package length, suitable for packing different clothings, such as trousers, coats, T-shirts, etc. Read More

  • Clothes Hanging Conveyor

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    Clothes Hanging Conveyor

    LJ Clothes Hanging Conveyor is hanging storage of clothings, the conveyor can rotate in two directions, to sa to save the time of picking target clothings out, and the conveyor can save much space for laundary center. Read More

  • Electric Steam Generator

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    Electric Steam Generator

    LJ Electric Steam Generator is to supply steam for laundry finishing equipment, such as iron table, spotting table, steam press machine, etc. Read More

  • Laundry Trolley

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    Laundry Trolley

    LJ Laundry transport trolley is widely used in laundry center to conveying the fabrics, there are stainless steel laundry trolley, fiberglass laundry trolley, canvas laundry trolley, different sizes trolleys are available. Read More

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