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After Sale Service

Shanghai Lijing Washing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd - Service Commitment

As a professional industrial cleaning equipment company, we always follow the "professional, innovation, quality, service" brand philosophy, to meet the needs of every detail on the customers, we not only provide you with quality products and preferential washing equipment price, more importantly, to provide efficient mechanical systems based on industrial washing service based on the solution.

We offer you the following pre / sales / service

1、to provide power washing machinery and equipment net customer service hotline:0086-15800800453。
2、Lijing sales engineers provide free washing machine needs analysis survey pre-service. 
3、Lijing washing equipment to provide free technical engineers' industry specific solutions designed book. " 
4、Lijing washing machinery and equipment installation engineer net free of charge for customer training equipment operator 2 to 3 people. 
5、starting from the date of installation, provide product warranty period of 12 months, if, after receiving the information by telephone or washing equipment failures, communication problems can not be resolved immediately by telephone, Lijing sales engineers will be in the same city two hours / Province arrived at the scene within 10 hours of time, to solve the problem. 
6、Lijing has a spare parts warehouse, ready to provide common components. 
7、the warranty expires, our company will provide paid industrial washing machinery and equipment maintenance and repair services, at which time the parties may approach the content of Maintenance, repair and maintenance and prices can be signed "power net Maintenance Agreement."

Service Range

Our products not only have market coverage in provinces and cities nationwide, involving Beijing, Shanxi, Henan, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Haikou, Wuhan, Guiyang, Kunming, Shenyang, Urumqi and other cities, some also exported to foreign countries, such as Japan, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Nigeria, Brunei, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries


1. Which machines are required for a laundry center?

LJ team is pleased to offer specific laundry proposal for your business, including machine recommendation, layout design, energy consumption calculation, etc.

2. What if our electric voltage is different from China?

LJ have decades of manufacturing experience, our laundry machines’ voltage would be customized according to you situation.

3. What about after sale service?

LJ laundry equipment have been serving in 98 countries, LJ service team is experienced to finish trouble shooting in short time by remote assistance. Our technician is also available to do training and technical support at your place.